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Before You Get Started With Social Video Contests

Turbo-Charge with the 15 Done-for-You Templates Package. Unlimited Installs. Sliders. Dev License.

Watch the video below to see the power of the Done-for-You Package...


Here’s How You Can Power Up With This Upgrade:


Developer And Unlimited Fanpage License – With this upgrade we have raised your limit from a few fanpages to UNLIMITED. Not just that, you can create separate login access for your clients with which they can edit the contests you create for them


15x Additional High Converting Templates – With This upgrade you can unlock 15 specifically designed templates that will help you engage your audience and get more free and viral traffic – you can see all the samples underneath on this page.


High Quality Images And Campaign Cloner – Now you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars sourcing images for these contests, we provide you with 100 high quality images you can use immediately. And you can now clone your campaigns too – so you don’t waste time making something from scratch.


Attention Grabbing Image Sliders – That’s right – now you can use all those 100 high quality images in these image sliders that make your contests more unique and attractive


Translation Ready – Do you want to create these contests in another language? Serve your clients in different countries? With this developer version – you can do EXACTLY that! Translate to any language you want and offer it to clients for $997+ per managed contest!


Real Time Analytics – With the PRO version, we jailbreak the main offer and add DEEPER analytics that give you REAL TIME updates on how the contest is progressing and more…you just HAVE to see this feature in action!


External Script Integration – This feature comes in after MANY of our beta testers requested that we integrate with third party software. So you can now FB retarget all your contest visitors, put them in google analytics and do MUCH more with this feature.



Social Contest Pro

With more readymade templates, unlimited fanpage license, campaign cloner, translation ready, external script integration, developer license and more…

Neil here again. Along with Karthik.

By now I bet you are ABSOLUTELY amped up about what this upgrade can do for you. I am excited too!

When we created Social Contest – it worked perfectly as is – but we had an internal meeting and decided to RAMP up value with this upgrade…giving you TONNES of opportunity to make money.

This upgrade is perfect for anyone who wants to ramp up their marketing without the hassle of doing everything manually.

The basic license is good if you just want to focus on running a few contests. But if you really want UNLIMITED visitors while MAXIMIZING your signups – this upgrade will take you there!

Developer and Unlimited Fanpage Rights
Valued at $497


This is the REAL value.

I almost feel you are stealing the PRO version from me.

With this upgrade, you get developer rights as well as rights to install this on UNLIMITED sites…

...and UNLIMITED Fan pages!

You can now secure and move your visitors to as many pages as you want!

Well not just that – you could also now create contests for your clients!

And charge them anywhere between $497 and $997 each. Or EVEN more per lead (I would recommend charging $10 per lead, $2 per social share etc... money in YOUR pocket ! )

Since you create these in our SaaS platform – you have 100% control on how these function – even after you sell them to your clients!

And the cool thing is – if a client stops paying – you just yank their access – all the power in your hands!

15x Additional High Converting Templates
Valued at $197


With the main offer you received between 5 and 15 readymade contests.

In this case – you get EVEN MORE!!

With more contest possibilities.

You can, with this upgrade, unlock 15 specifically designed templates that will ENGAGE your audience and get them to share your contest with their friends...

...which in case will get you MORE signups and sales!

This is VIRAL MARKETING at its best!

Checkout some of the templates that you’ll be getting (once you’ve seen this, hurry on over to the buy button before someone else nabs their copy!)

Campaign Cloner (+ 100 HQ Images)
Valued at $197


You know what’s better than ONE perfect contest?

Multiple contests generating you leads on TOTAL autopilot!

That’s what you can do with the help of our campaign cloner. Clone your perfect campaigns over and over again so you can run them on total autopilot.

And just to keep things interesting, we are giving you 100x HIGH Quality images that you can use in these contests.

Just switch them around to get better results!

All campaigns done for you so you don’t waste any time in becoming successful!

Check out some of the background images you are getting

Attention Grabbing Image Sliders
Valued at $197


We just gave you 100 ready-to-use images.

And now we are giving you a POWERFUL and ATTENTION grabbing image slider…

Just put your images in this slider and let them do the talking!

These sliders are BOUND to make your contests more unique. Professional sites use these image sliders – and now we have integrated them into Social Contest too!

Translation Ready
Valued at $197


You know what sells better than Social Contests?

Social Contests in another language!

You could easily walk up to a client and sell them a social contest in a language other than English. And since Social Contest is translation ready, you will be able to do this IMMEDIATELY! Returns – MASSIVE!

Sell each foreign language social contest for anywhere over $997+

With the amount of leads and sales you’ll generate for your clients, this is a NO BRAINER!

Real Time Analytics
Valued at $197


Now the main Social contest comes with analytics about how your contest performed.

But what if YOU or YOUR client wanted to get REAL TIME updates?

Well you can do that with Social Client PRO.

With these analytics you know EXACTLY how your contest is doing...pretty cool, right?

Check out some examples:

External Script Integration
Valued at $297


External Script Integration – This feature comes in after MANY of our beta testers requested that we integrate with third party software. So you can now FB retarget all your contest visitors, put them in google analytics and do MUCH more with this feature.

We don’t want to leave you hanging!

See many people want to use COOL retargeting as well as track their analytics via third party software like Google Analytics.

With this upgrade – you can do JUST THIS.

Pop in your tracking code, and instantly start cookie-ing your visitors in and showing them your ads over and over again!

This is how we MAXIMIZE profits, and how you should too...

Additional Unannounced Bonus
Valued at $197

But hey – after all this we don’t just stop here. We actually have a few unannounced bonuses for our new Social Contest customers.

With the PRO version, you also unlock these bonuses:


5 Ready Made Facebook Ads

Run Facebook ads with these professionally made newsfeed ads. These ads are specifically designed to make your campaigns stand out from the rest.

Social Media Portfolio WP Theme

This WordPress theme is perfect if you want to sell interactive videos to offline and online businesses.


Super Split Test

Quick and easy split testing to increase your profits now! Easily split test between 2 and 5 different landing or sales pages

Smart Agent Pro

Skyrocket Your Conversions, Sales And Profits With Your Own Automated Sales Assistants, Providing 24/7 Support On All Your Websites!


3D Man

Wanna Make Your Presentation More Appealing? Then! You Need 3D Male Character with Real, Transparent PNG, Vector Image and High Resolution with 3000 pixels x 3000 pixels.


Get INSTANT ACCESS to Social Contest

Social Contest Pro opens up new avenues of marketing to ANYONE who comes across your page… this TRULY is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to scale up your campaigns and see exactly what’s working!

Here’s a summary of what you’re getting:

  • Features
  • Developer and Unlimited
    Fan Page License
  • 15x Additional DFY Templates
  • HQ Images + Campaign Cloner
  • Attention Grabbing Image Slider
  • Unlock Translation
  • Real Time Analytics
  • External Script Integration
  • Unannounced bonuses
  • Total
  • Value
  • $ 497
  • $ 197
  • $ 197
  • $ 197
  • $ 197
  • $ 197
  • $ 197
  • $ 197
  • $ 1876

That’s a total value of $1876...For under 5% of the price...
For a limited time only.

The special launch pricing ends in

Social Contest - PRO Version

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